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Summer Photoshoot 2023

Updated: Jan 19

eXperience Plus Inc. has launched its first ever Summer Photoshoot

Summer is the perfect time to capture the beauty of the season through a photoshoot. Whether you're looking to document your summer adventures, update your social media profile, or create memories with loved ones, there are plenty of creative ways to showcase the essence of summer in your photos.

Here are the entries for the Summer Photoshoot 2023:

Entry number one

IT'S SPLASH TIME. Sun, pool, repeat.

summer photoshoot 2023

Entry number two

TALES OF SUMMERTIME. Every summer always has a new story to tell.

summer photoshoot 2023

Entry number three

SUNKISSED. Blue Skies ... sunshine ... friends.

summer photoshoot 2023

Entry number four

NATURE NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. Spontaneous picnic is such a thrill.

summer photoshoot 2023

An entry from our very own Leadership Team.

SUMMER VIBE. Fun under the Sun!

summer photoshoot 2023


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