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Halloween Photo Contest 2023

A spooktacular celebration at eXPerience Plus Inc.! In the spirit of Halloween, we're thrilled to announce our thrilling and bone-chilling Halloween Costume Photo Contest.

Embrace your most ghoulish, creative, or downright eerie alter-egos as we invite all our employees to showcase their most hauntingly fantastic, devilishly delightful, or hilariously scary costumes.

Get ready to unleash your inner monsters, heroes, or otherworldly characters in a wickedly fun display of creativity. Join us for a chance to win spine-tingling prizes and bragging rights for the most hauntingly spectacular costume of the season!

Here are the entries for our Halloween Photo Contest 2023!

  1. OKEY DOKEY. Let's-a go!

  2. NEVER SAY "WHO'S THERE>". Don't you watch scary movies?

  3. NOT THE SIZE OF OUR STRENGTH. It's by the size of our hearts.

  4. WE DIDN'T CHOOSE HOW WE WERE BORN. But we choose the life we make for ourselves.

  5. PERFECTLY PECULIAR. The family that's weird together, spooks together.

  6. ONE WITH THE FORCE. The Force is within us.

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