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Join Us at the CALL & CONTACT Center Expo in Las Vegas!

Updated: Apr 12

We've got some exciting news to share! Your favorite customer experience enhancement platform, XP+, is making its way to Las Vegas for the CALL & CONTACT Center Expo! If you're in the area or planning to attend the expo, mark your calendars for April 24-25, swing by Booth #2040 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and learn more about us.

Why XP+?

XP+ is a division of Selling Partners Inc., a US-based company. Outsource with us and your business can expect streamlined operations, lower cost, better customer experience and optimized AI-driven business processes. We have proven success working with logistics, technology, catalog companies, retailers, distributors, and internet resellers.

Why Visit Us at the Expo?

See us in action! We'll do live demos, answer your questions, and showcase the numerous benefits of integrating XP+ into your business. 

What Can You Expect?

Expert Insights: We have customized solutions for your specific business needs. 

Networking: Connect with fellow industry professionals, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. 

Don't Miss Out!

Discover how XP+ can take customer experience to the next level. Remember to visit us at Booth #2040 at the CALL & CONTACT Center Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, on April 24-25. 

See you there! 


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