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How AI Can Trick Interviewers

Updated: Mar 6

Job interviews can feel like a maze, and now there's a new twist: AI might be trying to sneak through the corners. A recent test by uncovered a tricky situation – using ChatGPT to cheat in tech job interviews. Let's dig into what happened and why tech companies need to be careful.

The Experiment: Can AI Outsmart Interviewers? wanted to see if interviewers could catch candidates using ChatGPT in coding interviews. Turns out, the AI was sly, fooling interviewers in 73% of cases when candidates used it on exact LeetCode questions. What's even more surprising? None of the interviewers noticed the sneaky AI moves.

Why Interviewers Fall for It?

Aline Lerner, the brain behind, shared a key point – interviewers often expect perfect answers. With ChatGPT delivering spot-on responses in real-time, interviewers might not see the trickery happening right in front of them.

The Fix: Custom Questions as the Shield suggests a simple fix – throw in some custom questions. Instead of using regular questions from places like LeetCode, make them unique. Custom questions force candidates to use their real problem-solving skills, making it tough for AI to dish out pre-made answers.

Conclusion: Time for Tech Companies to Step Up

As we try to figure out this job interview game with tech, it's up to tech companies to be smart and stay on guard. The big lesson here is to roll with the changes, letting technology help without letting it mess up how we find the right people for the job.

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